Text: Johnny Warman
Musik: Mats Johanson

Defend yourself with your, machine gun mind ,
The way you ran your world, left me behind.

After the dreams, scarred you inside,
still here the screams,  they return like the Tides.

To much money, the way it changed your life,
to much choice, you can turn it around
Ain`t it funny, we´ll never understand,
can you here my voice, now your over a million miles away.

My brain lights up inside, like New york city
Can`t take this overload, more´s the pity.

When you were mine, we were higher than the stars,
my hands left the weel, i lost control of the car

To much money, it nothing you can mean,
to much choise, it just the way down,
ain`t it funny,  staaaaaaanding free,
can you here my voice, and I
never look down…

To much money, we´ll never understand,
to much choice, nothing to do.
Ain`t it funny, a broken heart,
can you here my voice, and i wonder if yours get broken to.